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I love wine.  I love everything about it. I love vineyards: watching the changing colors and shapes as the season moves through its cycle, as well as learning about how terroir affects the flavor of different wines.  I love the science-art of winemaking:  I would love to create my own red blend, playing with and balancing the different flavors and textures.  I love wine tasting and wine tasting rooms and cellars.  I love barrel tasting and wine barrels themselves - because they are so gracefully shaped and are so much more than mere containers: they add a part of themselves to the wine they hold.  And, of course, I love drinking wines - predominantly reds, but with an occasional viognier or pinot gris.  With this love of all things vino, of course I have to express some of that love in paintings.  [Click on each picture to enlarge it and see information about the painting.]

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