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I have always loved looking at the world around me:  the beauty of the lines in a building or a room, the play of light and shadow dappling trees and grass, the swirls of a million colors in water ...

Painting takes me deeper into all that beauty and keeps me there throughout the painting process.  It holds up a magnifying glass and lets me travel through it to the very heart of the things around me.  By translating what I see and feel through a brush or palette knife moving across a canvas, I am connecting to it physically, as well as emotionally.  It becomes a part of me and that is an amazing experience that begs to be shared.

Willa Cather said, "[w]hat was any art but a mold in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away,  too strong to stop, too sweet to lose."  I think in some ways this is what painting is to me - a means to capture my experience of something that I want to hold onto.  


I consider myself successful with a painting or drawing when it conveys some of what I am experiencing to others.  

Although I have always loved art, I only dabbled in making art off and on over the years until I retired at the end of 2015.  Since then, art has dominated my life.  I am happily experimenting with different styles and materials -  from watercolor abstracts, to oils painted in a traditional style, to acrylic paintings that run the gamut of styles and subjects.  

My husband, David, has joined me in my love of art and accompanies me to the galleries in San Francisco and Sacramento to view and learn about art.  We are members of the Crocker Art Museum of Sacramento, the DeYoung Museum and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

I am also a member of the Sacramento Fine Arts Center and Northern California Artists. Inc.  Additionally, I belong to the Two Rivers Artists Group, which I created with a group of fellow artist-friends, all of whom have a love of art and the Sacramento area.

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