I enjoy abstracts because they offer a certain freedom to play and explore.  They are not easy.  All that freedom can lead to chaos or, the three-letter word all painters dread ... mud.  When I first attempted to paint or draw abstracts I tried too hard and I was never satisfied with what I did.  Now when I start an abstract I have a loose idea of a goal, maybe to explore texture, or transparent colors, or contrasting brush strokes, in any case, the idea is loose and I play with it trying out different things until I come to a place where I stand back and say, "I like this".  


 Acrylic - 36" x 36" - 2021


"Bits and Pieces"

Acrylic - 30" x 40" - 2020

Best of Show Sacramento Fine Arts Center


"Joi de Vivre"

Acrylic - 24" x 36" - 2020



Acrylic - 15" x 30" - 2020